How can life coaching help you?

Everyone can benefit from coaching from time to time.

While Michael Jordan and Lebron James may be the best in basketball, Joe Montana and Tom Brady in the NFL, and Derek Jeter and David Ortiz in baseball, NONE of them could have won championships without one simple thing: COACHING.

Wanna be a winner? You need a coach!

Dan loves helping his clients deal with any challenge life presents and helps them improve their lives with immediate and tangible results. Areas of specialty and experience include:

  • Dating
  • Job Hunting
  • Resume Building
  • Networking
  • Social and Personal Anxiety
  • Finances and Debt Problems
  • Eliminating toxic friends and influences
  • Depression
  • Cures for Worry and Stress
  • Family Relationships
  • Faith Issues
  • Substance abuse problems
  • Child rearing
  • Grief/loss
  • Crisis management

About Dan

Dan is Rochester radio personality, who has produced several talk shows in Rochester as well as hosting his own; most recently, The Break Room on 96.5 WCMF. He’s also worked as a sports anchor and play-by-play announcer on SportsRadio 950 ESPN, and has also played in local bands for over a decade. The 2002 graduate of St. John Fisher College has learned from his 13 years in the public eye that every person has a story. But anyone can change the course of their lives with just a little help from a friend. With smart work—not HARD work—along with a little faith and a calming outlook can help anyone achieve the goals they’re striving for in their lives.

Here are a few examples Dan Borrello can make YOUR life a lot easier:

Experience provides time-tested best practices

With over a decade of person-to-person experience with hundreds of people and local personalities in the Rochester and Buffalo areas, Dan Borrello believes in the power of resilience—he lives it, he teaches it and he sees it work.

Dan both practices and teaches the power of resilience (or the ability to recover strength) in a simple two-step process:

First:   By coaching people through situations requiring both immediate or long-term attention.

Second:   By providing life-lasting strategies and habitual tactics that become second-nature to someone so they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

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Stress is inflexible in its timing. That’s why Dan Borrello is all about availability

Success needs coaching. And coaching is only as good as the quality time spent one-on-one, and as often as it’s needed.

It shouldn’t be complicated: